With most clients, I work on an ongoing basis (e.g. X content pieces per month)

 But here's how new client engagements kick off:

 From initial "hellos" to "revenue generating" content.

Step #1: Short intro call

Usually via Skype. I’ll ask you about your proposed project, timelines, and estimated budget for the project. Of course, you can ask me questions that need answering as well.

Step #2: I respond with ideas

We’ve had a chat, I have a good idea of what you want to achieve with this project. I'll do my research and send you a few initial article ideas.


Step #3: You pick the one you like

Don't like any of them? No problem. I'll send you more, better ones. Otherwise, on to step #4.


Step #4: Start single test article

I always start with one test article - even if you want more. That way you can get a feel for quality. This also means you're not locked into any long-term agreement if you're unhappy.

Step #5: Bill if accepted or satisfied

I send an invoice via InvoiceNinja and accept credit card payments via 2checkout or Paypal, that is, only if you accept the work (first article). I will NOT bill you if you're unsatisfied with the quality.


Step #6: Prep & format for you

Once accepted, I'll format the content in WordPress, add images, fill out any on-page meta data, and even create headline variations to test.

Step #7: Time to talk business

It takes 3-6 months to see the ROI once you have changed your content marketing strategy. My excellence is best displayed when you retain my services for a 3-month campaign with a full-service channel distribution package. We'll schedule a call and help you pick a package that suits you and your business.

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